Dear Customer,

In order to improve the business reliability and server performance, we will be transferring our SEA07,DAL11 servers to WD25,SEA11 location to this Sunday ( 05th, January 2020 at  2.30 PM- 05.00 PM +05:30 GMT ) to the new high-performance DDoS protected,  2 x 2.4GHz Octa-Core E5-2630 v3 Haswell Xeon bare metal servers with Pure SSD (NVMe) storage.

1) Managed Business Hosting Clients: If you are on our managed business hosting package please send us your Cloudflare or DNS account details to update the new NS / IP records as

2) Shared Hosting Clients: If you are one of our Biz or PRO shared hosting packages, please update your name server records with the following details.


3) Reseller Hosting clients:  If you are one of our reseller hosting customer, you will be directly contacted by one of our staff members to assist with the necessary changes.

4) VPS /  Managed Cloud:  No changes required.

During this server migration time, SEA07, DAL11 servers are expected to lose all network connectivity (public and private) while these server migration/transfer upgrades are taking place, Please check back your websites after 07:00 PM ( 05/01/2020 ) and If you still experiencing any issues with  your accounts (domain, websites, IP's ) after 07:00 PM GMT +05:30, please contact us via support center

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Privilegeserver Technologies
#146B,Goodshed Road, Vavuniya
NP,43000, Sri Lanka.
h: +94242225992 (Ext:116)

Sunday, January 5, 2020

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