How do I setup my email account to use Mac Mail ?

To setup your email account using Mac Mail please follow the steps below: 

- Launch the Mail application which is usually located in the Dock
- Go to the 'Mail' menu option in the menu bar and select 'Preferences'
- Click the 'Accounts' tab and then click the + button in the bottom left corner
- Enter the full name, e-mail address and password then click 'Continue'
- Select the account type you wish to operate your Mail account as, enter a description for the mail box and then type and your username and password, then click 'Continue'
- Click 'Continue' on the next screen, leaving the default mail security settings
- Enter for both the description and outgoing mail server, tick the authentication box and complete the username and password fields, then click 'Continue'
- Check the details you've entered are correct on the 'Account Suimmary' and then click 'Create'

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